some sample fall dishes

               (some items may change based on seasonal availability)

                 foie gras

torchon with quince and peanut


roasted in malt with grain emulsion

custard with pickled clams and buckwheat


florets glazed in late summer tomatoes and molasses 

leaves dried over coals with fermented green tomato and shrimp

maine sea urchin

brined in seawater with carrots and coffee


soaked in gruyere fat and maple syrup

icicle radishes

pickled and grilled with radish “pho” and orange oil

montauk pearl oysters

poached in their own juice with fresh tofu and potato skins

king crab

stew with braised leeks, rose and grapefruit

red kuri squash

glazed in pumpkin char sui with yogurt and lime

an aged beet

with its greens and bordelaise


baked in salt with celeriac au vin and mustard